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Zombie_Riot is a community for punks, psychos, goths, basically anyone of any subculture. We're not talking nu metal hot topic goths, if you're too legit to quit, then join. This community is pretty much to post anything regarding music, shows, political views. Anything. Please use an lj-cut for long entries. There is a small survey to fill out. There's some odd questions because we're tired of reading everyone's opinion on abortion, homosexuals, and the government. This is not a rating community, so don't be afraid to join. Members, be kind to one another, there's no need to bring anyone down. If you start anything with the mods, we'll eat your brains.

New members can fill this out:
5 Favorite Bands:
Favorite Horror Movies:
What is your opinion of ice in milk:
Do you like steak:
What kind of shoes do you wear:
Dream Car:
Do you think Kathleen Hanna is a Poly Styrene rip-off:
What is your opinion on the new Nekromantix album:
Pictures (not necessary):